Laura Macken Dance is seeking an apprentice dancer, suitable for an advanced dance student, male or female, who is proficient in ballet and intending dance as a career. This opportunity may be ideal for a TY student seeking work experience in this field. (16 yrs and over)

The candidate will join Laura Macken and the dancers at DanceHouse during the week of November 11th until the 15th, and be able to take class each morning and stay to watch/learn the choreography. The student will travel to Dancehouse each day, and be committed to being there from 10am until 4pm each day.

Laura Macken Dance recently created a new short work 'Shelter' for the Dancer From the Dance online festival curated by John Scott of Irish Modern Dance Theatre. The piece 'Shelter' looked at practical and metaphorical meanings; the practical shelter that many do not have, the comfortable shelter of societies or groups that enable us to ignore inequalities in the world; how humans can shelter themselves from the shadow side of our personality that if exposed would force us to consider change.

During our residency at Dance Ireland and during our performances at Project Arts in November 2019, dancer Nicola Kilmurry joined the company as apprentice dancer for the week. Nicola trained with Nicola Farcas and at the Irish National Youth Ballet and has successfully obtained a place at the Central School of Ballet in the UK, where she will continue her training in September 2020.

Nicola Kilmurry

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